Correction on snow amounts

Okay, I realized this morning that I measured the snow amounts incorrectly last night. I was using a ruler, but used the cm side instead. So, when I went out this morning, there was a total of 8 inches in our driveway and in the back yard. Still, that’s a LOT of snow! It is so cool to look out and see this. Even though we have struggled with this move in many ways, we’ve had a lot of good times too. I know, no matter where we end up at the end of this contract, I will not regret our time here in New York. It’s been such a great experience! Shoveling snow can be fun; building snowmen and caves or igloos; throwing snowballs and sledding; taking walks to the “Y”; just watching my mom sit by our back door gazing at the snow because she’s never really seen it before and is so excited about it. All of these things have been so worth any difficulties we may have suffered. So, thanks Karl, for being so successful in your job that you were accepted in this program and brought us all here to experience this. 🙂

Well, that’s it for now. I just wanted to share about my mistake. Now maybe you have a better picture of what it’s like here; or maybe you don’t.

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wife, mama to five
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