Last Night in Madrid

We wrapped up early Friday afternoon, so I went back to the hotel for a much needed afternoon nap. Antonio was traveling to an adjacent city for the day, but had said before he left that he would join us for dinner at around 9:30. I knew that meant more like 10:30, so I had plenty of time to sleep. He called at about 7 and said that he had just begun the 3 hour drive back and that he would meet us at Plaza Mayor at 10:30. Did I call it or what? But now that meant we would be meeting closer to 11.

Hero and I caught a cab at 9 to Plaza Mayor, but realizing that we had some time we had him take us a little farther to Puerta Del Sol to walk around a bit and take some pictures. I had been professional all week and not walked around with a camera, so I figured I could allow myself to be a tourist on my last night.

I’m told that this sign was taken down several years back, but public outcry caused it to be re-erected shortly thereafter. Not sure what Tio Pepe is, but people seem happy to have their sign back.
Although I did not see it, I believe that in front of this clock tower one can find the kilometer zero marker, that essentially designates this spot as the center of Spain. if I understood correctly, it marks the starting point of 6 major highways that span the country, and all distances on those roads are measured from this spot. Following are a few more shots from around the square.

From here we did not make a beeline to Plaza Mayor, instead choosing to explore some of the back alleys before turning in the general direction of our destination. This part was truly fascinating. So many disjointed streets intertwined with pedestrian only alleyways between buildings. They came in from all directions with no real regard for north south east or west. On many of the alleys are these small little restaurants with outdoor seating. Note the apartment space above.

The weather was perfect, the sun was setting, and with every corner I turned I wished Wendy were here with me. It really is a very romantic city.

We finally found our way to a major roadway and turned east to Plaza Mayor. There is a lot of history in this place. The Current construction dates back to the late 1700’s but the Plaza has existed on this spot as the main public square in Madrid since the late 1500’s. Apparently many of the public executions during the Spanish inquisition were staged here. It is now both a residential and tourist area with shops ans restaurants occupying the ground floor and corners, and apartments on the upper floors. We ate at one such restaurant; Las Cuevas de Luis Candelas. It is located in the southwest corner of the Plaza, and was very unique in construction. the seating areas were a maze of tunnel-like hallways that led to more tunnel like hallways. Very claustrophobic. Here we are near our table on the 2nd level.

As always, dinner was very good, but vegetables were hard to come by. I must say that this was a fine cap to my final evening in Spain… or should I fine start to my last morning. Once again, I hit the rack at about 2:30. Good times. Hopefully if I’m able to make it this way again I will be accompanied by that special someone šŸ˜‰ See you soon sweetie.


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