The day’s events…

I don’t have a lot of time today, because I need to go throw dinner together, but I did want to pop in and just tell a bit about the last few days. Our kids have remarked, and they’re right, that we’ve had lots of ‘company’ lately. It just worked out that way. 🙂

On Friday, one of Logan’s friends came over in the afternoon to play and his mom stayed to talk with me. I’m glad, because it’s always nice to get to know someone new, especially when your children have become such good friends. And the boys share an interest in Bionicles…or should I say obsession…that’s what we call Logan’s interest, anyway. Hailey and Corbin were able to join in and all had a good time.

Then Sunday, some other friends of ours came over for dinner. They’ve had our kids over to play and their younger boys have been here to play, but the whole family has never been here together except when we had our Lego League party here in December. So, Karl and I made a huge pot of chili, a salad, some cornbread, and I opened a can of peaches to round out the meal. It was easy and relaxed….a good thing for me these days. This family’s oldest son made and brought dessert…some sort of chocolate fudge cake, made from scratch, with yummy confectioner’s sugar icing (I think, I didn’t ask him) on top. It was delicious! The kids seemed to have a great time playing in the basement, and after dinner ended up watching a movie together. We adults sat around and talked, getting to know each other a bit better. It was nice to make the time to do that.

Today, we also had some friends over in the morning. Hailey made a few friends when she was attending Camp Arrowhead during the fall of 2007 and winter of 2008. We’ve kept in touch with some of them through email, even though we haven’t been attending classes this year…maybe we’ll do that when the weather is nicer. So, we ended up, finally, inviting one of her friends (and family) to come over today to play. Again, I got to sit with the mom and talk about various things while the kids played in the basement. They played with our Nerf dart guns, did some art projects which included making paper airplanes, and played with Bionicles as well as with various other toys. I believe they enjoyed the opportunity to interact with other children, and everyone got along. We tried to keep the youngest of the siblings occupied while we talked, and she put up with our efforts very well, I thought. She’s 3, so at that age children do not have a long attention span. She was so cute because she kept calling her two older sisters “my girls” saying, “I want my girls.” She is used to having them to play with her, and since they were occupied with my children they were not doing that at the time. She did not like it, but handled it extremely well. She did not whine, just made that statement a few times. I’m sure she was very glad to go home and have “her girls” back to herself! I feel bad that we didn’t have much in the way of ‘3-year old girl toys’ but I guess we will soon enough if the doctors are right about our baby being a girl…

Once this family left to go home, we had to eat a quick lunch and head out to bowling. I can’t believe we’ve been able to make it to every session so far….3/3 is a pretty good ratio for me. Corbin did not have the highest score today, and to my surprise he was not overly concerned. Another little boy won with 93 points….way to go NF! The main thing is that they all had fun. Logan and Hailey have improved their scores, though I don’t know exactly what they were today. But, their time there is a bit more challenging since the ‘big kids’ don’t have bumpers up on their lanes.

We went to the bank afterwards, then home to have a snack. Now I have to get in the kitchen and assemble our pasta salad for dinner. I am leaving at about 6:45 to attend a home school function with another home school mom. Yeah…some time away with other ‘grown-up’ ladies! When I get home Karl and I will have our shows to watch.

A busy day, but a good one….


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