Another day at the OB

Today was my last 2-week interval appointment; from now on I will see the doctor each week to check progress. I am 35 weeks this weekend, so I feel like the birth is just around the corner. The doctor went ahead and did the Strep B test to be sure they are ready in case I go into labor sometime soon. She says I am not dilated at all, which is good news. Pretty shortly though I’m sure I’ll be hoping she’ll tell me I am…I think I’m running out of room in there! At this point she is not planning on needing to schedule a c-section….if I don’t deliver before 38 weeks we’ll talk about the possibility again.

We had another ultrasound today, and the technician was unable to tell us if the baby is “still a girl” to quote Karl. 😉 She was lying bottom up which would have been great had she not had her heel placed between her legs. Modest already…that’s a good thing. So, we’re still going on their first viewing, which indicated a baby of the female persuasion. It did show us that ‘baby girl’ is 6lb. 4 oz….which can actually be off by a whole pound either way…so somewhere between 5lb. 4oz. and 7 lb. 4.oz. Karl had guessed that she would be 6lb. 1 oz. so he got it pretty close!

By the way, we’re calling the baby ‘baby girl’ because we have yet to decide on a name. Here are a few more possibilities for your perusal:

  • Delaney
  • Morgan
  • Gabrielle(a)

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4 Responses to Another day at the OB

  1. twofinches says:

    Delaney is a name that is rare…I don’t know a single is pretty though. I know you are at that tough stage of pregnancy and i am thinking/praying for you as you journey through these last few weeks.

  2. Wendy says:

    Thanks so much for your prayers! It is tough in some ways, but I know the end is near and I will meet my baby soon. I’m getting excited about that…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I will put in my vote for Emma Grace. Theo’s grandmother’s name was Emma. She was straight from Germany with a heavy accent. Grace reminds me of the song, Grace, grace, God’s grace and then it goes on. Have you heard about the method of giving birth in a nice warm tub of water? The position is more natural and the warm water is soothing. Love, Aunt Joanne.

  4. Wendy says:

    Emma Grace is my favorite of the ones we’ve been considering…my Grandma’s name was Emma and I just really like the name Grace. It would be cool to have a name that is from both sides of the family.I have heards of laboring in warm water…the labor room at our hospital actually has a jacizzi in the room. So, if the labor isn’t too quick (like the rest) I may try it. That was my intent when we had Hailey, but it was fast and I nver did do it…same with Corbin. We’ll see what happens with this one. Thanks for your comments…I’m so glad you’re able to keep up-to-date on our lives.:)

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