"Are ya dead, mon?"

For those of you who are wondering if we’re still in the land of the living, or if we’ve dropped off the face of the earth…yes, we are still here. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I did not realize it had been more than a week since I’d posted anything myself….sorry. Time passes by so quickly these days with feeding the baby every 2-3.5 hours…we have a schedule but sometimes she does not stick to it! When I’m not feeding her, holding her, or changing her I am trying to get laundry done, toilets cleaned, counters de-cluttered…plus fit in school time and fun time with the older three. In short, life is busy! So, here is a run-down of what we’ve been doing lately:

  • baked banana bread with the kids
  • made home made pizza for lunch today
  • laundry ( at least 2 loads every day)
  • change my clothes (4 times yesterday due to spit up…dear little one is a spitter!)
  • change baby’s clothes (same reason as above)
  • go over English/Math with Logan and Hailey, daily except weekends
  • reading out loud for history, science, and story time
  • church attendance
  • preparing paperwork to turn in to the school district for 3rd quarter
  • grocery shopping as needed (minimal since people have been bringing us meals, but there still have been some things we’ve had to have)
  • return library books
  • looking for lost library book
  • help Hailey try to understand origami directions…and failing miserably…likewise with Logan’s math directions the last 2 days_we need Daddy home!!
  • talking on the phone with Karl in the middle of the night and any other time I can
  • chatting with all the wonderful people who have come by to drop off food for us…thank you so much, God has used each of you to bless us mightily in the last few weeks!
  • Hailey Dr. appt. (just a check-up)

There are many more things I’ve done, ,we’ve done that I’m sure would not interest any of you. That’s our past week though, so now you know. I’m sure you’re all very grateful for that info. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I haven’t told the kids yet, but Karl gets to come home a day early. I think I will surprise them…they can wake up Friday morning and find him here instead of Saturday. They will be thrilled!

Well, Emma has decided she wants to be up now so I have to go. Maybe I can finish my lunch before I have to feed her…no, I don’t think so!

About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five
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1 Response to "Are ya dead, mon?"

  1. twofinches says:

    You must be worn out! I hope daddys homecoming was a great surprise.Happy Easter!

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