Tid Bits

Today, Hailey had an orthodontic consultation which had been recommended by her dentist. I allowed Logan to stay home and read, draw, or play with his toys because I thought he would be bored (they said it would be 1.5 hours for the appointment). I took the other kids with me as they are not old enough to stay home alone. Actually, Logan is old enough to babysit Corbin for a bit, but Corbin does not listen to his big brother well enough for me to trust leaving him here! Anyway, I needn’t have worried about boredom. The office is rather large, with one room devoted to video games and another room just for movie-watching. The kids were ecstatic. They tried to watch a movie, but of course were interrupted. However, it’s good to know they will be kept busy when we have appointments later (in a year or two). The orthodontist does think Hailey needs braces, but not yet due to still having so many baby teeth. There are a few things they are concerned about, but the main two are that she has an overbite causing her bottom teeth to touch her top palate and that her top two front teeth are tipped forward instead of straight up and down. Pardon my description and it’s lack of dentist-speak but I cannot remember the medical jargon! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m sorry to say, Hailey got my bad teeth…I had those problems too and that’s why I had to have braces. Who knows? You may see me with them again as I did not complete my ‘program’ and as a result still have some problems with my teeth.

I’ve been requiring Logan to post on his blog more before he can use the computer for other purposes…so check it out. I have to give him credit for brevity at least! He is forming a good habit of writing though, and ultimately that’s my reason for allowing him (and Hailey) to start a blog in the first place. I plan to start doing the same thing with Hailey too. I can count it as writing for school, they get experience with the various programs on the computer, and I can feel they are doing some ‘work’ before they play on the computer. It’s a win-win situation!

Karl had a dinner tonight with his contingent from Singapore…the same folks he was working with while he was out there are in town now and he has been spending some time helping entertain them after work hours. He went to Niagara Falls on Sunday to stay overnight…I think he had a good time. The kids and I were going to go and tour town with him on Sunday but we could not find Corbin’s birth certificate so did not try it. (We don’t have passports yet, just Karl.) I guess I need to order another copy. We have all of the rest of ours…I’m thinking it got lost in the move (which one?) some how. We also have been unable to find the beautiful hand prints we had done of Logan and Hailey as babies. I’m hoping they are in the few boxes labeled dishes/glass that we have not opened yet…if not, I fear they are gone forever. I will be terribly upset if that’s the case because obviously the kids will never be that tiny again. So, prayers that we will find them intact would be greatly appreciated. We do have Corbin’s, and we’ve done Emma’s but have not sent them off for bronzing yet.

I have to say, baby swings are so great. Logan and Hailey absolutely hated their swings, Corbin loved his. So while Karl was gone to Singapore I decided to purchase a swing, because honestly, I needed the help it would provide! I had my doubts that I would be able to put it together but I had to try. It was a daunting task…I am not a great direction-follower. However, it only took about an hour plus it worked and held together. Hooray!! She is a little fussy in the evenings, and daytime, sometimes…… ๐Ÿ˜‰ …so I have her in the swing. Most of the time it puts her to sleep and I can get some things done. I should be cleaning or doing laundry right now as a matter of fact. Instead, I am blogging to the peaceful hum of the swing and the sounds (silence) of a happily snoozing baby. Love the swing….

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