A new school year

Next Tuesday is our ‘official’ first day of school for everyone. However, I’ve decided to use this week to begin easing into our new schedule. We are adding Corbin to the mix this year, so I thought it might be helpful to start working with him this week.

This morning we sat down and practiced counting to 100, he practiced writing his numbers from 1-10, and he is now working on subtraction in a workbook he got while we were at my mom’s. He’s using our plastic coins as manipulative’s to help him understand, but he is really very good at it so far. Corbin absolutely loves math and I’m so thrilled! It was never a subject that I loved and it’s been a hindrance to me throughout my life. Maybe that won’t happen to him. We also went over some letter sounds and did a couple of lessons in his phonics lesson book. Several were review, and we did 1 new one. The phonics lessons are a favorite because at the end of each one he gets to choose any book he likes and we read it together. He did a great job and I hope each day goes as well as today. 🙂

The older two kids have been downstairs most of the morning. Logan is working on a bionicle video for his blog using stop motion animation. He’s taken all of the pictures and written his script. (this time he wants it to have dialog) Now he is just waiting for a time when Karl can show him how to put everything together online….sadly mommy is not computer literate enough to help him with that! Hailey has been watching him apparently, but now she’s watching the fish in her dad’s tank. He got some actual fish and let the kids name them. Up ’til now it’s just been coral, some crabs, and snails. The two fish we tried before died, but he decided to try again. So far these seem pretty hardy and happy. Maybe later we’ll play some games together or read some books aloud. I got the Little House on the Prairie series and The Prairie Primer, maybe we’ll start those.


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