I forgot to add in my last post that we finally went to Seabreeze (a local amusement and water park) on Saturday. We took all of our kids and 2 of our friends’ kids because their mom was in the hospital having their baby brother. It was so much fun! We went on water slides, a lazy river, the wave pool, and many amusement rides too. We were there from about 1 in the afternoon until about 6:30 in the evening. Afterwards we ordered pizza from Salvatore’s, a delicious local pizza shop. I had been concerned about taking Emma…would there be shade, would she sleep or scream the whole time? She was perfect! We had one instance where she cried, hard, and it was when I was trying to get her to nurse more. Apparently she had had all she wanted and got mad at me because I didn’t have a clue. Once I got it, she was okay again. 😉 I think it was a great day and I’m so glad we all went (I had said at first that I wouldn’t go). In fact, Karl did not get me a ticket (he got tickets through Harris, two free and discounts on the rest-they were having a summer Harris party there) and he was going to have to pay full price if I decided to go. Then we got a call from our friends that they were having the baby, would we mind taking their kids and use their extra (free) ticket…..what a blessing that was for all of us!


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