Day 2 for Corbin

Another day of school for Corbin. We did lesson 5 in his phonics book. We’re using Reading Made Easy by Valerie Bendt, the same one we used for Hailey. He remembered the sounds from the last time and learned 2 new sounds…though they were sounds he already knew anyway. 🙂 He can now read these words/sounds: ag, ap, am, at. By lesson 9 he will be starting 3-letter words. I’m excited to finally get to this with him. I think he will be so happy to finally read and it truly will open up the world for him! We also did letter flashcards before the phonics lesson, for the letter sounds. I like these particular cards because they go over each sound that the letter can make and include examples of words and pictures. They also cover blends, like bl, sp, etc. when we get to them. Now he is working on some addition and subtraction problems, using the plastic coins to help him. He did one page in his Numbers Writing Tablet by Abeka and he was very accurate and quick. It took him quite a bit longer the first day, so he’s improved on that already. Once he finishes his math he’ll be done for the day…I’m not gonna make him spend too much time on ‘book work’ at his age. He’ll have plenty of that to do next year when he’s in first grade…many more requirements then. Tuesday we will start Logan and hailey with their work too.

Yesterday we went to the doctor’s office for Emma’s 6-month check-up. Afterwards we went to meet Karl for lunch at Red Robin. It was really nice to see him in the middle of the day, something we don’t get to do often. Then we came home and the kids played in the basement together most of the afternoon.

Corbin is learning how to have what we call ‘alone’ time. He has struggled with playing by himself and needing someone to be with him all the time, so we have a rolling cart of toys just for him that we have him get out and play with at times on his own. He’s done really well with it so far. Yesterday was tough though because he had lost his basement privileges due to bad behavior while down there in the morning, which meant he had A LOT of alone time. So far today he seems to be more appreciative of the time he gets to spend in the basement playing with his siblings. 🙂 We’ll see how the rest of the day progresses.

Later today we will run out to the grocery store for some things then back home to make dinner.


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