Physical Education with the family

Today is not an ‘official’ school day since it’s Saturday, but that doesn’t mean I don’t plan to count some of our activities towards our school year. This afternoon was a beautiful day for walking, so we put shoes on, Corbin and Hailey grabbed their scooters, I strapped Emma into the stroller, and we headed down the street. It was great fun to watch my two middle children race one another on their scooters, swooping down the hilly sections and having to push harder on the flat ones just to keep moving. They were getting their hearts pumping, and having fun doing it! Logan walked with Karl, Emma, and I, and we had fun just talking together. We explored some of the flowers along the sidewalk, admired the beautiful retriever in a neighbor’s front yard, and looked with envy at the same neighbor’s bountiful garden. Karl even sampled some one’s raspberries….ssshhh, don’t tell….he only took one. :} Karl and Logan practiced running and we basically just goofed off together. Sometimes it’s nice just to be with family, not running out to some new activity but spending time getting to know one another and appreciating our ‘goofiness’. Plus, it counts as 30 minutes of P.E. for the week. 😉


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