A short day

Today is a bit shorter day of school as we are hosting our LEAh group’s orienteering club meeting today. It’s not until 3 but with feedings for Emma, school for all three kids, and the bit of cleaning needing done (plus lunch for ourselves) we needed to cut it short. We can make it up tomorrow. Besides, it’s my anniversary today. 🙂

Logan and Hailey moved on in Math, Hailey with lesson 2 and Logan with Test 2. I still have to grade those papers but I guess with our busy day it will wait until tomorrow, or at least until late tonight. We read about the density of water for science, learning that it’s density is about 1.0. So we did an experiment to find out which liquids are less dense or more dense than water. We used liquid dish soap, milk, and olive oil and 3 different cups of water. The oil floated (less dense), the milk mixed equally (about the same), and the dish soap sunk to the bottom (more dense).They also did another lesson in English, copied a short poem for handwriting practice, and read silently for about 30 minutes. Now they are all downstairs playing together while I get lunch ready….at least that’s what I’m supposed to be doing. I wanted to get this down so I won’t get behind because this is serving as my attendance record as well as material for my quarterly reports.

Corbin did about 3 reading lessons this morning, he’s picking it up fairly quickly. We will do lesson 9 tomorrow and I think we’ll only do 1 lesson per day from now on. I want to be sure he gets it down perfectly and I don’t want to rush him. We did about 5 math problems and read his book again, chapter 3. I will add in his handwriting practice starting tomorrow. We will all begin memorizing a section of scripture, probably starting tomorrow too.


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