Day 4 and Homeschool Kick-off event

Day 4 went pretty smoothly.

I reviewed Corbin’s phonics cards with him and had him read his new words a couple of times. He did very well. We went over some ‘easy’ oral math problems and Corbin spent some time sorting Legos by color and type of brick. He ‘read’ a Spiderman comic book for about 30 minutes, too.

Logan and Hailey finished another English lesson, Hailey did her next math lesson (4), and Logan completed a worksheet Karl created for him using different symbols for the multiplication sign. Hailey spent a little time drawing and Logan spent some time building with his Bionicles. Logan also started preparing some information for his project for the year. There is a project and presentation event through our home school group each spring. I told Logan that he needs to do a project board for his Bionicles if he’s going to spend so much time playing with them, reading about them, blogging about them, making videos about them, etc. That will all need to go into a project for school and he can display it at the event in the spring. So, he began typing up some information in Word today.

We went through a box together in the basement which contained various items that had belonged to their great-grandparents. We talked a bit as we discovered each item. I told them what little I knew about the item or the person who owned it. So, family history today.

We also read another chapter in the Little House book. We’re enjoying it and Corbin even joins us now. He prefers picture books, but there are a few pictures in the novels so he’s satisfied. (We didn’t get to his own chapter book today, so he was a little disappointed, but I told him we’ll read some this weekend. We had the home school kick-off picnic tonight and I had to make a dessert to take.) We discussed what we read and spent some time reading scripture pertaining to God’s protection. The biblical focus was God’s protection and authority.

We left here at about 5 p.m. to head out to the park for our home school chapter’s picnic. The kids had been looking forward to it all week. Each family was asked to bring a dish, dessert or side dish, based on last name. We took lemon cupcakes….not something I would normally make but we happened to have the mix. Funnily enough, each of our kids ended up with a cupcake for dessert. I guess my dish looked the best to them, for once! 😉 Karl met us there, driving straight over from work. We brought camp chairs, a blanket for the kids to sit on, and Emma’s stroller, so we were well-prepared I think. There was a playground there and a large oak tree to climb, so our kids were off with their friends right away. A friend took Emma so I could eat and that sweet baby stayed with her happily for quite a while. I was so glad she was content. Though she usually is, it is still something I worry about when I know we’ll be off our ‘schedule’. We got to talk with some friends we hadn’t seen in a while, too. There was a brief meeting while we ate, but I really couldn’t hear most of what was said. It was mostly introductions of the leaders of the group and telling about their job functions. I’m so glad we have wonderful, organized couples to step into those positions. It really is a blessing! W ended up staying later than expected and had to round up the kids in the dark. Karl found them easily enough and we headed home. Now everyone is tucked into bed, looking forward to waffles in the morning. It was a good day.


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One Response to Day 4 and Homeschool Kick-off event

  1. mimi says:

    Sounds like a great day and evening. I loved the re-cap of the picnic. Greg was out of town, so we decided to skip it 😉

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