Day 6

Today was slightly different because we had to go grocery shopping this morning. It was LONG overdue! I loaded Emma and Corbin into the truck and headed out at about 9:30. I knew Emma was likely to be fussy (missing her normal nap time) so I brought her sling. When we got there I slipped her into it and she was perfectly content and did end up taking a nap about half-way through the shopping excursion.

Corbin was my helper today. I let him hold the pen and list, marking off each item as we went. I had to help him since he doesn’t read ‘big’ words like cheese and carrots yet. πŸ˜‰ So, I just pointed the words out to him and he drew a line through each one. We talked about the letters as we did this so I count it as a small part of our school day. He also helped me compare prices, and even noticed that the store brand mayonnaise was actually on the shelf (I wasn’t seeing it) and was cheaper than the rest. How does he know which is store brand? I don’t know unless it’s because that’s what I buy so he recognized it as the same as what he sees on our refrigerator shelf….but I was impressed all the same. Doing this kept him engaged and happy, and he did a great job. No discipline for bad behavior when we came home. Yay!

Logan and Hailey worked on Math and English again. I also had them copy our address and phone numbers for handwriting practice. They both know our address already, but I thought it would help cement it in their memory. One of them was using our old zip code with our current address, and I don’t think either really has our phone numbers memorized. We went through The Prairie Primer again, reading chapters 6 & 7. We came up with descriptive words for Dad….as part of their language lesson, using descriptive words. Daddy is smart(3 of us said that), strong, mathematical, handsome, artistic, and hard-working. We read a little about “sugaring’ and how trees gather water. For bible we learned that fear can be overcome and we can still do what needs to be done if we trust in the Lord. If we don’t then we can get discouraged and may not be as effective as we could be, and Satan loves that! All 3 bigger kids spent some time reading…Hailey her newest National Geographic kids magazine and Logan a novel from the library. Corbin spent some time looking at magazines and circling things in the Lego catalog that he wants for Christmas. He told me “If you see brown circles, those are mine.” πŸ˜‰ We worked on dictionary skills again, focusing on homographs. We learned that the word primer in The Prairie Primer is actually pronounced as prim’ er(short i). I didn’t know that, so now I guess I need to start saying it correctly! We also looked at the word sow and discussed its two different meanings and pronunciations.

I still need to go over Corbin’s reading lesson for the day and have him do some handwriting and math. Otherwise, we’re done.


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