Only 157 days of school left!

As of this week, we only have 157 days left in this school year…sounds like a lot, but it means we’ve completed 23. Yay! I will have to look at our scheduled days to see what the rest of our year looks like, but I’m encouraged that we’ve actually been making good progress.

We’ve had several setbacks this week with my appointment on Monday, the kids’ flu vaccines on Tuesday, then Thursday Hailey woke up with the flu. I know, the shots (they actually had the mist) are meant to prevent that, but apparently she was infected already and the vaccine doesn’t ‘kick in’ until about 2 weeks after receiving it. So, next year maybe we’ll schedule our shots a bit earlier. Corbin woke up this morning with a fever, headache, achiness, and he also vomited (only once). We’re hoping we don’t keep waking each day with a new sick kid….but they are feeling a bit better at the moment, our nights are when it gets tough.

We did not do any school today due to the illnesses in the family. We’ve watched lots of television, and it wasn’t even educational! I figured they needed a break to rest and enjoy what they can since they feel so crummy. Logan did work on some Math and English yesterday but that was it. I’m expecting all of us to get back into the swing of things next week if everyone is well. Otherwise, we may have some more time off.

I can’t think of anything else of school-ish importance. I have much on my mind but I don’t think I can get it down here to make much sense. I really need to get our schedule in order but it seems like things keep cropping up to prevent that. I started yesterday out really well by getting up early to workout, shower, and eat breakfast before the kids were up so we were able to get an early start with school work. However, since Hailey got up achy and worsened throughout the day, things quickly fell apart. I guess that’s to be expected, but it is frustrating. I know we have plenty of days left though to get in our required days/hours so it’s okay. I would just like to finish early this year instead of late.


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