Adjustments in progress…

Well, I knew it would happen. We have had to make adjustments to our schedule but nothing too drastic. I have to figure out how to allow time for things like library trips, field trips, grocery shopping, etc. without throwing our schedule out the window for that day. We have ditched the chore cards for now. The kids are just working off their old charts (me too) while I try to figure that all out. We have done really well keeping on schedule for the most part. We’ve flip-flopped a few things, such as lunch and free time today, but it didn’t hurt anything. We’ve been completing our school work and that was the main goal, along with me getting up earlier than everyone else to workout and shower…..3 days out of 4 ain’t bad! My husband actually uttered the words, “You’re awesome!” this morning as I got out of bed to go work out (as he lay there and continued to sleep!) because he said “At least you’re getting up and doing something.” That was the point, to get up and do something to get fit and start my day off right. I really did not want to get up though. I guess it still counts even if I had negative feelings at first. I sure feel great about it now.

I still need to add in some more of our subjects, such as health, music, and art on a regular basis. We have been talking about some of this but I know I need to schedule it in more often. We’ll get there. I’m trying to get everything else going before I start new things. We did begin spelling this week, so that’s something. Our P.E. has been pretty much on hold due to the weather. We’re scheduled to go outside every day for a game or bike riding, etc. but we’ve been staying in to play games or for the kids to do things like build with Legos or to draw. This morning they spent some of their time role playing as Indians….we’re learning about American Indians in our studies. Today, Hailey and Logan had a writing assignment to begin a journal, but from the perspective of an Indian. They had to create an entry that described why they were leaving their camp and where they were going and also one that explained how they feel about the ‘white man’ moving onto their lands. Both had great fun with it and did a pretty good job. It’s an ongoing assignment for a time, so it will be fun to see how they each end up. 😉 We still have not begun our American Indian lap book….did not get to that this week as I thought we would. But, I think we’ll take a break from our other studies next week so we can focus just on the lap book.

Logan had his Lego League group last night…they meet weekly on Wednesday evenings.

Well, it’s snack time around here so I better get to it. No more time at the moment for blogging!


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2 Responses to Adjustments in progress…

  1. mimi says:

    I find it so hard to stay on a schedule. I've decided that creating certain routines(with room for add ins) works for us. I found that if we got sick or something came up, I would get stressed not sticking to the schedule(that's just me). We also need to find time for art, music etc. I keep intending to start a new lapbook…then the days roll by 😉 It all seems to balance out by the end of the year( I hope!)

  2. Wendy says:

    I think it balances out too, but the 'pressure' due to regulations is heavy to stay 'on track' and get all the subjects in. I stress too when we're on a schedule. We'll probably be more of a routine type. Specific times just don't work well for us….though I am having a certain time to start by and for lunch, and our free time is at a specific time….so maybe I actually am okay with times. Do I sound confused to you? 😉 LOL

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