The rest of our week…..

The rest of our week was pretty busy as well. Yesterday I had to go to the dentist yet again….the last crown… Karl was home with the kids in the morning while I did that. Once I got home and Emma was back down for her second nap, we did get some reading done. We have learned a little about American Indians with our reading of the Little House books. Now, we’ve begun learning more about the Indians so we can compile it into a lap book. We’ve never tried that before but it should be fun.

I tried to make burritos for dinner last night but it turns out that the meat I bought was no good…it really smelled up the house when I cooked it… I ended up returning that today. I had bought a 7lb club pack and I just couldn’t take a chance that the rest was no good either. I figured it wouldn’t be since it all came in the same package. So, I got my money back and bought some ground turkey instead. It’s normal price is $3.99. It was on sale for $2.99 plus the sale paper for the store has a Super Coupon for $2 off… 99 cents for 1.25 lbs. ground turkey. Pretty good I’d say. The sale is going on all week so I’ll be heading back to get more. We will try for burritos again tonight. My kids got to watchme speak politely to the store manager about what happened while still achieving my goal…which was to get a refund.

We then went to Michael’s, as Logan has been asking for ‘big paper’ for quite some time now. He wants to create a large, hand-drawn map on paper that looks aged. So, we finally picked that up today along with a couple of birthday gifts for cousins. Target was next on the list, to get the kids some things they wanted/needed. (I did have the older two bring along their English books and do their lessons while we were driving around.) Our last stop was at the library. Each kid ended up with something less than 10 books, so now our library drawer is full again. They’ve been reading all afternoon about animals and such. Logan got some of those Choose Your Own Adventure books and has read two different endings to one already. I couldn’t find the book I wanted, it was checked out already, but I still have a couple of books a friend loaned me so I can continue to read those.

You may wonder why I’ve posted this on our education blog instead of our regular blog….it’s just because I believe there is much learning in the everyday things we do too. We have been so busy with appointments that I haven’t been home to actually teach much from our books this week, but I guarantee they have been learning. That’s why, I just wanted it on record what we were doing this week.

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