Couldn’t let this one be forgotten….

Here I am again even though I have many other, possibly more important, things I should be doing. (but what’s more important than documenting my kids’ learning…it’s at least as important as all that other stuff, right?)

Today, I did some school work with Corbin. I have slacked off a bit with all of them over the last week just because of the upcoming move and all that entails. But, I really want to try to keep what he has learned fresh so we don’t have to start all over when we get settled in Florida. We did a reading lesson and reviewed what Corbin has previously learned and he did great. He’ll tell you that he can’t read, but he really can. I think he says this because he knows he’s not ready to just pick up a book and read yet. I didn’t count but I’d say we’re up to at least 100 words, and we have 4 sentences that we’ve put together that he can read. I’m sure we could create many more from the other words he knows, too. After each reading lesson we always read a book. We had accidentally returned Attaboy, Sam to the library several weeks ago and last week were finally able to check it out again. We took out the book today, and starting back at the beginning, read the first two chapters. We also did some math, handwriting review, number writing, and began the first lesson in Explode the Code, level 1.

What I wanted to write about most though, is what came afterwards. I was ironing some clothes once I put Emma down for her nap. Logan was downstairs playing with his Bionicles, Hailey was reading a book in the room where I was ironing, and Corbin was in the living room playing with his Bionicles and action figures. I could hear him talking to himself, creating different voices for his characters, etc. He always does this when he plays, but what I found so interesting was that he was role playing some of the ‘scenes’ from the book we read. I absolutely LOVE this! I so enjoy watching(and hearing) my kids take their learning into the rest of their day. That’s when I know they truly enjoyed and retained what we read or the concept from the craft/experiment we did. That’s what learning looks like. We can test them, question them orally, ask them to write a report or narrate back…but to me the ultimate ‘test’ is if they bring it into the rest of their day. Will it be something they tell their dad about, or their Grandma? Will they go outside and pretend to be Indians, or have conversations with a character (from the book they read with Mom) when they’re playing (that’s what Corbin was doing today)? If they do this I can be sure that information will be remembered. It’s a lifestyle, the way we do things. That’s what I want for our home school….not so much school as just a way of life. I think we’re getting there.

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