Working with Corbin

I did some math and reading with Corbin this morning. Instead of doing a new lesson in RME, we just reviewed the cards he’s already learned. I put them all together in various sentences and had him read them. There ended up being quite a few different ones:

The fat cat had a rat.
Dad had a sack.
The lad ran.
The lad was sad.
Pam has a bag.

Those are just a few. He did a great job. There is one word he still struggles to remember….because the name of the first letter in the word does not say it’s sound..y….he wants to say the w sound. So, he still needs a reminder when he sees the word yam.

We finally started his official math book for the year…we’d been working in a different workbook from the summer. I gave him two assessments, so we actually began on lesson 15 a couple of days ago. Today was 16a and 16b. It is still very easy, but there are a few pages that deal with money and shapes and I want to make sure we don’t miss anything. We’ll be moving along quickly (well once we get settled in the new house) for a while I think until we get to something that’s a bit more difficult for him.

We all spent some time today sorting through things in the bedrooms, throwing out trash, putting clothes away, etc. in an effort to be prepared for the movers next week. Things look much better, and I can actually see what they have in there now! I have to admit they keep their rooms pretty neat anyway, but it’s still nice to have them even cleaner. Now I need to get them all to help me sort through the toys and decide what we’ll take, throw away, and give away.

That’s about it for today….

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