New Curriculum (kind of)

Yesterday, we started some new curriculum. It’s not really new because we’ve used manuals from the same company two other years during our homeschooling journey. However, we didn’t think we could spend that much money at the start of the school year so we chose something different. When we found out that we were moving and that a bit more money would be coming with it, we decided to go ahead and order what I had originally wanted to use with the kids from Heart of Dakota Publishing. This year we’re not combining the older two. They each have their own separate programs and I think it will work as well as, and hopefully better than, what we did last year. Logan is using HFHTT:CTC and Hailey PHFHG. They are both great programs and I am very excited to begin with them! We will contine to read some of the other books in our list just for ‘fun’ as we have time.

Logan’s is mostly independent, though he will be doing some narration for me as well as taking instruction from me for his math and English lessons, along with dictation. I’ll also be involved with his writing on the days he does that. Hailey’s is helping to prepare her to become more independent but still has me involved with much of her work. She does get to do science and a history project on her own and she likes that. I had them each start yesterday to get familiar with the programs. We’ll start working our way into it more next week and by January moving full steam ahead, I hope.

Corbin continues to do well with his reading, and he practiced writing letters too. I plan to do lots of tracing and copying with him as he seems to be struggling a bit with writing his letters. We will also practice writing his numbers more, counting, and of course doing some math problems from his book. We have a curriculum for him too….LHTH….from the same company as the other two. It’s a little below his age range but we’re going to finish it anyway. The next manual will be just perfect for him in first grade next year, so I see no harm in using this one now even though it could be considered ‘below’ his age. There are lots of bible stories, finger plays, and art projects that he’ll enjoy so we’re gonna go for it. He needs that fun learning time with me anyway.

I had hoped to get another day of school work in today, but it didn’t happen. We had too many preparations for Thanksgiving tomorrow, not to mention more unpacking/de-cluttering to do. We’re getting closer but still aren’t completely there yet! So, we’ll start back for sure on Monday, and work hard ’til Christmas. I plan to go at a regular pace with Hailey but I may double up some of Logan’s work so we can finish the manual by the end of the school year….I’d like to keep moving him up at the beginning of each year. We’ll see how it goes.

I think that’s all I have. I hope things don’t seem to disjointed. :} I’ll be back soon to write more.

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