Lifestyle of Learning

Toward the end of my first true year of homeschooling, I went to a homeschool curriculum sale that was just down the street….so close that I walked and ended up having to call Karl to come meet me so he could help carry home all the books I got!


photo credit: osiatynska via photopin cc

Upon entering the room where the sale was taking place (within a local church building) there was a table with FREE items, so I stopped there first. I saw some booklets that looked interesting that had the title Lifestyle of Learning printed on the side, then each one had a different title such as Walk by the Spirit in Your Homeschool Decisions and “Come Home” From Homeschool. I was intrigued and they were free, so I stuck them in my bag. Over the last three years we have continued to homeschool and I have read through these booklets numerous times. I love what they have to say, about how learning in the schools is contrived and that maybe ‘school at home’ is not what we’re striving for….However, I have not truly done what these books recommend….there is much more reading, reflecting, prayer, seeking God’s will to be done. But I keep coming back to this ‘message’. I wrote the other day that I feel something is missing in our homeschool…and I’m searching, seeking, praying that God will reveal to me the changes that need to be made. He called me to this and I know He will guide me in all the decisions that need to be made. There are some ideas that I will need to let go, so I can free my mind and let Him fill it with what is true…what it is to truly educate my children the way He has called me to do.

I wanted to share a web site I’ve been reading…it’s all about the Lifestyle of Learning Approach by Marilyn Howshall, who is the author of all those FREE booklets I picked up 4 years ago. There is A LOT of information here and I haven’t read it all, but I believe it’s going to be helpful in this ‘season’ I’m walking through. I’ve ordered a few things from the catalog…I’m actually going to take the course recommended by Mrs. Shelton. That’s all I know right now. I’m not sure where this will lead me, whether it will lead to different ‘curriculum’ choices, if we’ll change everything completely, or if we’ll just modify things. I’m going to leave that up to God, allowing Him to show me the way. If you like, follow the link above. You may find some things there that interest you. If nothing else, I’m asking that you will pray with me and for me as I am on this journey of seeking.


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