Learning all the time

Several months ago, just before we left New York actually, Karl spent a short amount of time teaching the kids to juggle. He’s no expert but does pretty well….especially as far as our kids are concerned. They had a lot of fun, and Hailey spent the rest of that day trying to juggle with the stuffed animals….improvisation at it’s best! Later that week Karl and I went out for dinner, stopping by a book store before going home. I happened to see a juggling kit and decided to get it for the kids. However, they never even opened it and it has been sitting on our game shelf ever since. Occasionally I’ve looked at it, shaking my head, wishing they would use it. I have mentioned it once or twice, but never pushed them to open it.

Today Hailey finally did so, sitting down at the dining room table and reading the instructions, studying the pictures, proceeding to teach herself to juggle. There are balls and ‘kerchiefs included…she decided to work with the latter first “because they’re easier” she says. She spent about 2 hours in all doing this, and has big plans for the rest of the week…she’s got a schedule for what she will practice each day, and apparently we’re going to be treated to a show next Saturday morning. She has made posters telling us all about the show and has them taped to the walls, refrigerator, and sliders to be sure we are all aware of the time, place, and event. I am actually looking forward to watching her…I’m sure she will improve each day…and she has inspired her younger brother to learn as well. She’s become his ‘teacher’ so to speak. I love it! Life is full of learning opportunities….we just have to take advantage of them. If I can get some photos of her, I’ll post them here soon.


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