Can I just RELAX, already?!

I find myself going around in circles, back and forth, hemming and hawing….unsure of myself and what I’m doing in this homeschool of ours. I read my last several posts and I just have to laugh to myself….I speak about learning to relax, then I talk about following a ‘curriculum’ and “working through the summer” to keep up. If it confuses me, what must it do to you guys? As you’ve probably decided long before now, many days I do not know which end is up much less what I’m going to do for school next year.

However, we do have some constants. We have decided we will stick with Saxon math…it’s thorough, it goes through 12th grade, and we’re familiar with it. Also, I really like Rod and Staff grammar, so we’ll be sticking with that too. I have several curriculum guides and books that can be used for schooling, lots of books on CD that can be printed out for extra reading or for history reading. I also have a computer program that has ‘educational’ content…that we used only once. I have many, many links to worksheets and free homeschool resources, so I don’t know why I worry myself to death about these things. I need to just chill out….and begin to use what we have instead of freaking out about what I will use…gosh, for real girl!

One good thing about Florida is that we have no requirements as far as what to teach until high school, so I have quite a lot of leeway…I need to take advantage of it. We do have to keep a log of what we do each day, then we have testing/evaluations at the end of each year….and we are supposed to keep a portfolio from each year for 2 years, in case some official needs to see it…very easy stuff compared to New York.

I am trying, really trying to relax….I’m a work in progress. I’ve spent years working on this ‘need to know’ thing of mine…need to know what, when, how, where, who, how many hours, what if, etc…It’s been kind of an obsession. I’m better, but it still rears it head and gets the best of me sometimes.

Okay, I’m gonna get off my soapbox now, just needed to vent about my inadequacies to someone who always listens…;)

We actually did accomplish all I had planned for today, before lunch, so that’s a plus. Yay, us!


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