School work and grocery shopping

Those are the things we accomplished today. A reading lesson (actually 2) with Corbin, then all the kids did math, Logan and Hailey a lesson in English, a dictation passage, and all did handwriting. Hailey and Corbin both did 3 pages in their ETC books. Corbin also did 2 pages in his Finding the Answers workbook. We did not do any reading together, though the older two did read some things on their own…just not our ‘official’ school books.

I had to go get groceries because our shelves were BARE in the pantry and refrigerator. Logan stayed here and I took the rest of the kids with me to Publix. An hour and a half and $215 later we returned home with a FULL truck…we even got some of those pool noodles for $1.99 each. I felt bad for the older man who pushed my cart out to the car and unloaded my groceries….actually he pushed one and I pushed the other. Yes, we had THAT MUCH to buy! It had been raining while we were shopping but looked as if it was only sprinkling by the time we checked out. He offered so I accepted, but of course as soon as we stepped out it began raining harder, and he didn’t even have a raincoat. We didn’t either, but I knew we could go home and dry off while he had to go back into the air-conditioned store and would possibly be cold. Another, younger guy came over and helped him, even holding a large umbrella over my groceries and the older gentleman…it really was very sweet. Thanks so much to the nice Publix men who helped me get my passel of children and all of my groceries into the car. I so appreciate it!

So now we’ve all had our snacks, Emma is napping, and the kids are relaxing either reading or watching a cartoon. I have to get some dinner started, and they’ll begin chores soon. Tomorrow is SAT’s for Logan and Hailey, so no other school besides maybe some reading in the afternoon. We’ll try to get in a full day on Thursday and Friday. Until then….


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wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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