The kids had the Stanford Achievement Test today (Logan and Hailey anyway) so we aren’t actually doing book work at home today. They are now reading books on their own though…Hailey a new book on how to be a good babysitter that I found at the church bookstore and Logan a walk-through for Super Mario Galaxy (for the Wii). Corbin is not reading but drawing, though we did get a bible story book for me to read with him (from that same book store) and while waiting on the kids this morning he was able to sound out several sentences from one of the stories. He was excited that he could read from a book, and honestly, so am I. He’s progressing very well, figuring out words….he was reading some of the titles of books in the kids’ section at the book store. It was awesome to see (and hear)! I also bought a Bible-opoly game while at the bookstore today, so we’re planning to play that for a bit tonight after Emma is in bed but before the others go. I think it will be great fun….more fun for me than Monopoly, just because it’s Bible trivia and I think we all need to learn a lot more of that! I bought a couple of homeschool books for myself too, so I’m gonna go read one of those now.


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One Response to SAT’s

  1. mimi says:

    Oooh, my boys would love Logan to play Mario with them (they are playing Mario on their Wii right now!).

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