Today’s activities

Today was just a day at home. I worked with Corbin in several of his workbooks while Hailey and Logan worked independently. I did review some math with Hailey for tomorrow’s lesson. Both of the older kids completed math, english, bible reading, and some writing. We didn’t get to dictation today, so I guess that will be first thing tomorrow. We also need to do some reading in White Fang and Grandpa’s Box, which are both books we’ve been working through for quite some time. I’m anxious to finish them. All three kids also watched Big Cat Diary and The Most Extreme on Animal Planet this afternoon while Emma and I went to the grocery store…..Karl was working from home today. It was a fairly pleasant trip and a little quicker since I didn’t have ALL the kids with me. I was able to get some grading done, though I do have some more for tomorrow. Corbin built “a castle with four towers” this morning as instructed by his dad, and each child spent some time playing with Emma today while I made dinner and did other various things. Emma and I spent some time outside, even though it was cloudy and rainy. We stayed on the patio and she was happy enough to just crawl around playing with her toys. It was cool out, so fairly pleasant. Hailey and Corbin joined us for a few minutes, but they would rather play inside on a day like today. We all spent about an hour swimming in the pool yesterday, too.

About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five
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