A full day

Today we got in a full morning of school, then headed out to lunch and the library after Emma’s morning nap. We probably spent an hour at the restaurant (we left later than normal so it was busier than usual) then also spent about that same amount of time in the library. The kids and I usually find the books we want fairly quickly. However, we kept some of the books from last week’s trip, so when we checked out we were over the limit on my card. So…..I ended up filling out applications for all the older kids to get cards of their own, which takes time. We got it done, so starting next week they’ll be checking out their own books and movies on their own cards, and they’ll have their own card number to use for holds. I think we have something like 70 books out right now for the four of us….ridiculous, I know, but we all LOVE reading. 😉 I also found out today that I can check out up to 10 children’s movies AND 10 adult section movies on my card (the kids can get 10 from the kids’ section but we won’t be doing that!) so I went ahead and checked out 10 from the kids’ section….several science-type ones (Bill Nye) a couple of Schlessinger ones on weather, rocks, etc. and then another fiction movie or two besides the ones Corbin chose. They like to watch TV and movies, and I like it when they can watch educational things, so I thought we’d try these and see how it goes. If it’s a success, movies could become a regular part of our learning. I’m also hoping to begin incorporating the computer into their learning more. There are so many learning games and web sites available (not to mention the typing and Spanish programs we’d like to work on) but with just one computer it’s difficult to satisfy everyone’s need to use the pc….we’re trying to decide if we’re going to order another one (or more). It is quite expensive, so we’ll have to ponder that a bit to see if we can swing it.

I was able to get math and a reading lesson done with Corbin this morning and he also put away his laundry. We read a short bible story about the Tower of Babel and 3 chapters in The Adventures of Reddy Fox….and he still wanted me to read more, a very promising sign that it’s a great, exciting book! 😉 Hailey listened in, too. Logan and Hailey both had bible reading, a writing assignment, handwriting, reading, math, and English to complete. Logan still had to complete his writing assignment upon our return but he’s done now and they’re all watching The Jungle Book, which they got from the library today.

Tonight is the curriculum sale. I’m armed with my list of books that I know I need. I’m hoping I’ll be able to un-earth at least some of them….and maybe I’ll meet some ladies in the process.


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