Our day

Today, Corbin did great with his reading lesson…we added 3 more sight words to his word worm and his stories to read are getting longer each day. He also completed another math lesson, a page from Thinking Skills, 3 pages in Explode the Code, 2 pages in Finding the Answers, and a page of handwriting. I really like ETC…his sounding out of words has improved a lot since he started using the workbook. It’s a great re-enforcement for his reading. We also read 3 more chapters from Reddy Fox and a story in his bible story book.

Logan and Hailey followed their usual schedule, at least the one for this week…

  • math-2 lessons each, odds only; Hailey also copied her 5 and 6 multiplication tables because she needs to learn them better
  • English
  • handwriting
  • dictation
  • bible reading
  • writing

Hailey and Logan both spent several hours reading today, both from library books and from some books that I found at the curriculum sale last night.

Speaking of the sale…..I found several things on my list. Logan’s math and English for a total of $16.00 for both….the cost of just the English student book brand new. I found three other fiction books I’ve been wanting to read aloud for about $1.25 for all three. Besides those, I got Hailey a set of 5 Animal Ark books for $1.25, some Magic School Bus books for Corbin (18 I think) plus a time book for $9.00, and a Kingfisher space book for Logan for $1.00…space is his latest passion. I picked up some science in the kitchen books, and a set of volume 1 of the Weaver curriculum (which is $200 or more brand new) for $50 for all of it. I may or may not use it but I figured I can re-sell it if I decide against using it. I couldn’t pass up the low price since I’d been researching the program recently. I’m very happy with all of my purchases, and the kids are all thrilled with their new books. I feel bad that I couldn’t get more for Logan, but there just weren’t that many space books there….actually, that’s the only one I saw. He didn’t seem to mind.

Hailey and Corbin spent some time building a ‘tent’ outside today. Using camp chairs and all the throw blankets from our living room, they constructed a rather roomy area on the patio. They asked if they could sleep out there tonight, but I know how that would go…..then they wanted Daddy to set up the tent in the backyard. If we weren’t leaving for NY tomorrow (Karl and I) he might do it, but besides that, I’m pretty sure the HOA board would be all over us! They’re pretty strict about ‘stuff’ in the yard. It was fun to watch them building and imagining together though. I love it when they play well together.

Emma took her first real steps today, 2 to Corbin. Then she spent a few minutes walking to Daddy when he got home…..5 steps each time, 3 times in a row. Yep, I think she’ll be walking all over before we get back. I’m sad about possibly missing the transition…but I’m so glad I got to see her first steps and didn’t miss it completely. My baby girl is growing up! This trip away is actually our first time leaving her, which is a bit strange. With the rest of our kids we had left them overnight with grandparents well before this age (14 months) but it just hasn’t worked out that way with Emma. Pray for us that she does well and that Mommy can enjoy her time away and not worry too much! 😉

The last two days of SAT’s are this week, then we wait a month for the results. The waiting is bothersome…just because I don’t like to wait for anything, but I guess I’ll survive. I’ll be back next week to update more school stuff once we get back into it. The kids have the testing days off and then Monday as well since we won’t be home yet. I’m not asking my parents to try to do school since they’re being so nice and coming here to stay with the kids. A extra day off won’t hurt anything.

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1 Response to Our day

  1. mimi says:

    There is nothing like a good curriculum sale! You found amazing deals. 18 Magic School Bus books?? Nice! Have fun in NY!

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