A good day

Today’s activities consisted of math and English for the oldest two kids, and lots of reading. Our library trip yesterday found us with lots of space books, animal books, science experiment books, etc. and they’ve been devouring them. Corbin and I picked out several My First Reader books for him to try to read to me. We went through two today….Mittens and What’s That, Mittens? I did have to help him with a few words, like scratch and found and down….we haven’t gone over ow or ou yet in his reading lessons, and his blends have just been two letters, such as bl, not three as in the word scratch. Anyway, he did a great job! I wanted to get him some ‘real’ books to read so he can feel confident that he can read…he will sometimes say he can’t read yet, even though he’s sounding out words all the time. He just read the word Expressions in the card section of Publix yesterday….”Mom, does that say expressions?” as he pointed to the word. I would say that’s reading, wouldn’t you? 😉 The day we left to go to NY he added 27 +27…in his head. I don’t recall why he was adding those numbers, but apparently he had asked my mom about it. As she was about to help him he said, “54?” and shocked us all. He loves math and is very good with it so far. Hailey and Emma went out to Michael’s with me to get a gift for a neighbor (the kids are attending her birthday party this afternoon) while Corbin and Logan stayed home playing upstairs for that hour. Now, Emma is napping and the rest of them are pursuing various interests. We have a Curious George movie going for Corbin, a book about space is being read by Logan, and Hailey is reading while preparing some craft items. They’ll go to the party later…dinner will be served there for them…then we’ll (hopefully) have a quiet night at home. It’s been a good day.


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wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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