A busy morning

Today Hailey and Logan both did Math and English before we headed out to the dentist. We finally scheduled appointments for all of the older kids to get their teeth cleaned! Karl and I need to go next…

Hailey figured out, from a book she got from the library, how to make a sundial. She even figured out on her own (when Karl nor I were available to help her) what the Roman Numerals stand for that she needed to put on it. When we returned from the dentist she tried it out…after some tweaking (the dial was crooked) it worked perfectly. She also completed some pages in her ETC book.

Logan has been reading about burns and bones in two books he got from the library. There were lots of pictures of the various types of burns you can get, as well as photos of bones that had been broken. I’m not sure if he was glad he read up on those things or not…he said it all looked pretty gross.

Corbin completed 3 pages in ETC and has been looking at lots of library books this morning and afternoon, as well as Logan’s Lego books. We will do his math and some reading together this afternoon while Emma naps.

During lunch the kids watched Food Network…they enjoy all the cooking shows. Corbin pointed out (from The Barefoot Contessa) that there are also purple beans not just green ones….it’s not just something fun to watch, they are truly learning all the time!


About Wendy Woerner

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