Library day, rain, swimming, and the basics

Today we went to the library because some movies were due today since we went a day early last week. Our usual day is Tuesday. Plus, I have a Dr. appt. tomorrow so it was best to go today anyway. I really didn’t want to go once I saw it was about to rain, but I knew we had to get those movies back, so off we went. Of course, it started pouring while we were there and we had to wait a bit so as not to get the books all wet. It did calm down a little, so I was able to carefully take the books out, covering them with a blanket and a flimsy umbrella (that is no use to me now because the wind broke it). Then I brought the kids out by twos. I’m the only one who got soaked because when I ventured out the wind was blowing the pouring rain sideways, right under the umbrella and into the car…oh well, we all know I don’t melt. šŸ˜‰

Our school work today consisted of math, English, reading, writing, ETC for Hailey, and handwriting. We did not do any reading aloud…but I did check out another copy of White Fang today and plan to finish that this week. Corbin did not do any ‘book work’ today, but he has been reading the My First Reader books we got from the library and building with Legos. He also helped me take some things to the post office this morning.

Yesterday afternoon we all went to the pool. We walked up to the clubhouse, which I would say is about .5 miles. Then we spent about 30-45 minutes in the water. Actually, I only put my legs in but everyone else was splashing away. Emma loved it…she was even trying to put her face under a little. And Corbin has improved a lot with his swimming and his confidence. He is no longer afraid of the water. He’ll even go in the deep end with a noodle or float, and in the shallow end he can swim several feet under water. I’m so glad he’s finally happy with swimming. We’ve come a long way in the last 3 years! Hailey and Logan have been swimming well for several years now, so it was business-as-usual for them. šŸ˜‰


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