Test scores are in

We got the kids’ test scores back yesterday, almost exactly a month from the days they took it. I always expect my kids to do well, because I realize that they are always learning…it doesn’t just come from what I specifically ‘teach’ them. I really consider myself more of a facilitator anyway…help them find information, books, fun activities, etc. This year (really every year) I was a little nervous because we moved, took time off due to the holidays, and have just had a very ‘relaxed’ year. I like that, I’ve been wanting and needing to relax a bit. However, it does create some doubts occasionally because these tests are created for school children attending schools. I ask myself…will they do well? will they do poorly? will someone want to ‘talk’ to me from the school district? etc. Those questions only serve to make me worry and they’re never valid…my kids always excel and this year was no different. Their scores were very good….higher in most areas than average, and even in the few areas where they need improvement, they had still made great improvements over last year. Progression, that’s what’s important and they did it. I’m so proud of them! 😉


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