Readin’, ‘Ritin’, & ‘Rithmetic (and other stuff)

Today was a typical day. Logan and Hailey did their usual math, English, handwriting, reading, and writing…with Hailey doing some extra work in her ETC workbook. Corbin completed some work he started yesterday…math, handwriting, ETC, and TS. We did not get to a reading lesson today, but I did ask him to get another of the My First Reader books we get from the library to read to me tonight. He ended up reading four of them. He did need a bit of help in two of them, but the others he went through with no problem. Here are the titles of those books:

  • Biscuit Goes for a Walk
  • Biscuit Goes to School
  • Peanut and Pearl’s Picnic Adventure
  • Mine’s the Best

I’m really glad the library has these to check out. I believe they’re really helping Corbin to improve in his reading. I may invest in some actual readers….maybe from Abeka book or something, I’m not sure. I’ll have to check it out online to see what’s available.

The kids also spent about an hour watching Animal Planet today, and now Karl and Logan are watching How the Universe Works on Discovery. Logan’s interest in space is ever present so he’s always wanting to read about the universe or watch something about it. I’m glad Karl enjoys watching those shows…I’m not a fan because I’m just not big into all the supposition involved or the way they state their’ facts’. We do discuss the differences with Logan between what we believe and what is presented on the shows, and he understands that it doesn’t all match up. We don’t allow the other kids to watch those things yet…so as not to get them confused.

Corbin and Hailey have been spending lots of time outside, mostly in the mornings, catching baby toads and creating homes for them in cardboard boxes or plastic containers. They end up letting them go each evening so they can catch some food overnight. Emma loves to go out too and look at the toads. She tries to catch them in the boxes, but usually they are too quick for her. She just sits there with a little smile on her face, examining them. Of course, she likes to dig in the dirt too, so her siblings end up having to ‘fix’ the habitats when she’s done. 😉 There’s been much sorting of Legos, drawing, and creating crafts this week too.


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