A new week, winding down, and changes

We started our new week off well. I was able to complete school with all three children before lunch, as Logan and Hailey got started on their things once their chores were done. Also, I didn’t have to go over any math lessons today with them b/c Hailey had a test and Logan was able to read his on his own. Both of the older kids started their new spelling program last week…Sequential Spelling, and I really love it so far. I can see immediate results and so can they which is great, especially for Hailey, who has struggled in this subject. Their other subjects today were English, handwriting, reading, writing, and ETC for Hailey.

I worked with Corbin on his math and reading lessons, then we read 3 chapters out of Reddy Fox. He also completed 3 pages of ETC, a page in his handwriting book, and 2 pages in his TS workbook.
We went to the library after lunch, so they’ve all been reading the books they got since we returned. We did take about 30 minutes after Emma went down for her nap to read 2 chapters of White Fang, otherwise it’s been silent the entire afternoon. It has taken us quite a long to time to finish White Fang (well, we still haven’t) b/c we’ve taken several weeks off from reading aloud…just due to various things. However, if we are diligent over the next week and read 2 chapters per day, we should be able to return it next week when we make our library trip. Then on to another great book. I’m not sure which one we’ll try next, probably another classic though. I will use either the book list I bought from HOD or I could go online to http://www.amblesideonline.org and use their recommended book list or The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease…..not sure, I’ll have to peruse them all and decide.
We’ve begun winding down our school year, though we are still working each day. I really want Logan to finish his math book before our vacation next month so he can begin the next level upon our return. Hailey I don’t think will quite finish hers, but should sometime over the summer, mid-July maybe. (The move and time off at the holidays caused us to get a bit behind in math.)We’re going to just keep working over the summer since the baby’s birth and a move later in the school year will disrupt our school year again. Besides, I feel it’s better for the whole family when we have somewhat of a routine schedule….less opportunity to bicker and get into trouble, and the kids stay caught up in all their subjects. This also allows us to take time off without feeling stressed about it because we’ll already be ‘ahead’ in our studies.
I decided to make a few changes in our schooling for the new school year. We will not be using the guides from HOD…..not because they’re not great, they truly are, but because I really need to be able to combine as much as possible and theirs are only set up to combine within short age ranges. We may go back and use some of the younger guides with Corbin and the babies later…we’ll have to see. For now, I’ve researched and decided on two curricula that we will be using…probably not in exactly the way intended but I guess that’s a perk of homeschooling I can use the books any way I choose. Student of the Word and A New World of Adventure by Learning Adventures. I feel confident that we will be learning A LOT together, and of course separately in the subjects that are necessary to use on their own levels such as math, English, and spelling. Corbin will continue with his reading program with RME as well as with reading the My First I Can Read books he’s been getting from the library. That’s our plan….now if our stuff would just get here from NY I’d have everything I need to get started.

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