Our day

Another light day today…I decided to take it easy until after our vacation, then we’ll get back to the books full-force until we go to my mom’s sometime over the summer. Th older two completed math, english, and spelling. Corbin did a math assessment, a facts sheet, and 2 pages in Finding the Answers. We spent some time amidst all that trying to keep Emma engaged and happy. We let her try placing magnetic letters in a ziploc bag…she usually likes this but just threw them all on the floor today. We also had her paint paper with water with a little food coloring added. She made one or two strokes, then decided it was more fun to suck the water out of the paintbrush. Another activity I tried was giving her some tiny, soft dinosaurs in various colors to play with in a little bowl of water. Naturally, she ended up with water all over herself and the dinos on the floor. However, it did keep her busy and happy long enough for us to get the spelling lessons finished, which was my goal. I had her help me clean up when she was done, which she was happy to do…she enjoys putting things away, so far. Tomorrow I’m planning to let the kids have an ‘off’ day. I need a little time to grade some papers, plus I need to start planning for our vacation in two weeks….we still have some things we need to buy for that. Anyway, they’ll enjoy a full day off and so will I. And of course, tomorrow night is Family Fun Night.Joseph, King of Dreams is the movie. It should be fun, and we’re having chicken packets for dinner, an old favorite.


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wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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