Horses, books, and frappucinnos

Today, Hailey attended a 1-day horseback-riding camp for homeschoolers that we heard about through our homeschooling group. It’s actually the first thing any of us have been involved in through the group besides the testing in April and the two parent meetings I went to this spring. There have been plenty of opportunities….park days, field trips, etc. but it seems we were always doing something else. Anyway, she went and had a great time and now wants to do the summer camp they’re going to have. I have to check into it to find out pricing, dates, etc. but if we can swing it I’ll let her do it. I just know these ‘camps’ are usually fairly expensive. However, they also have special homeschooler classes throughout the school year, and I’m sure they give lessons as well, so we’ll check into all of it to see if there is an option that will work for her. All of this depends on what Daddy says, of course. The instructor did say that Hailey picked things up quickly and actually did better with the horses than another attendee who had ridden previously. She was a bit nervous at first but got comfortable pretty quickly, so that’s good. Now she‘s saying, “I wish I could have a horse,” because one of the girls there owns her own horses(2) and boards them at the stable there. Oh how I’ve been there! I always wanted a horse when I was a girl….wish we could get her one, but I don’t think we can pay for boarding one and I know we don’t have a place to keep one ourselves.

After Emma’s morning nap, I took the boys and her out for burgers, then to Barnes and Noble. We didn’t have a lot of time at the bookstore because it was almost time to pick Hailey up, but both boys found something they want. However, neither had the money saved to pay for it, so they’ll have to wait until they do. It was still nice to look around a bit and get out of the house a while.
After picking Hailey up I swung through the Starbucks drive-thru right near our house. I ordered myself a coffee frappuccino and the kids each a strawberry smoothie. So refreshing on this 93 degree day!
Now we’re all reading, blogging, or watching tv while Emma takes her second nap. No bookwork today, but there has still been lots of learning….

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wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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