This morning found all of us at the pediatrician’s office. On Monday, Logan showed me a ‘bug bite’ he had on his stomach. Well, it just kept looking worse….infected and was hurting him. I decided yesterday that it looked like a staph infection, so this morning Karl and I decided we should take him to have it looked at. Karl had meetings so I took all the kids, school work in tow, to wait with me at the office. It turns out he has an abscess that is infected, probably began as a bite. So the doctor gave us a script for antibiotics…he’ll take 2 pills twice a day for 10 days. We go back Saturday morning for the doctor to check it out and see if it’s improving. Logan is also supposed to place a warm compress on it 3 times a day as this will “bring the infection to a head” as the doctor said. I guess that means to the surface so it can drain. He did squeeze it some and get some of the infection out in the office…I could tell it hurt Logan but he was brave. What’s funny is that I told Logan yesterday he should put a warm cloth on it because it would help bring the infection out….guess I learned this in reading or from my mom?….and he gave me the craziest look. I later looked up staph infection online and it said the same thing…then the doctor concurred today. Now, I don’t have any antibiotics so I couldn’t have helped there, but I think I did pretty well figuring out what his problem was. I’m glad we went….and now he’ll be half-way to being over it by the time we leave for vacation next week. I’m just hoping the meds work and we don’t have to switch him on Saturday.

Afterwards, we had to go get the prescription filled, so we headed out to Publix. The doctor told me they have 5 or 6 antibiotics they give away…free…if you take your prescription to them. So of course I went there…no need to pay for anything if I don’t have to! We had to wait 20 minutes for it to be ready so we picked up a few groceries while there. Somehow, my purse ended up missing and I didn’t even realize it….until an older gentleman tracked me down and asked me if I had come in with a black leather (actually more like pleather!) purse. When I said yes he told me his wife had found it and turned it in at the service desk. I’m not sure how he knew it was mine, unless they saw us in the cereal aisle(where they found the purse) and thought maybe the lady with all the kids might just be distracted enough to lose her purse! ;)I think Emma must have knocked it out because I had it sitting in the seat of the cart next to her. Most of the time I strap it in when I strap her in….didn’t strap her in today, but I will from now on. Anyway, I was so grateful that he was able to find me….I looked for him again after I got it to thank him but wasn’t able to find him in the store. So I gave thanks to God for orchestrating it’s return…..I’m so thankful for honest people.

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wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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