We leave for vacation tomorrow morning. We’re heading to Macon, GA for the night then we will visit the aquarium in Atlanta on Thursday before driving into Blue Ridge to the cabin. I’m excited about the trip, though I know tomorrow will be a long day. Hopefully Emma will travel well…the other kids usually do fine. I thought we weren’t going to have any bookwork wile away, but after grading math papers last night Karl and I decided we will take just math for the kids so he can go over concepts with them and we can ‘keep up’, because we are quite behind where I wanted us to be by now. I’m sure they won’t be thrilled but they shouldn’t have to spend a ton of time on it, maybe just a little each day. We’re about half-way packed….I’m still waiting for some clothes that are in the dryer. Then, I have to make sure we have other ‘stuff’ like board games, books, a few food items (such as Corbin’s cake mix), life jackets, etc. Before we leave, we will also clean out the fridge, freeze a few things, and get the food, water, and litter box ready for the kitties. Then, off for our vacation. I will probably be on to blog a bit while we’re a way, and hopefully will be able to post some pictures of our fun.


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