An attempt at an update…

Our weekend was very full! We spent as much time as possible on the river, tubing as well as just playing on the ‘beach’ in front of the cabin. Karl had to go back down the mountain on Saturday to find a place with a fax machine…we got and accepted an official offer on our house so we had to sign papers and send them back. If all goes well, we close July 23rd. While down there he also had to go to Home Depot to buy a replacement grill for the cabin. He returned and used it to barbecue chicken and corn on the cob and both were delicious.

Karl took the boys further down the river to what we call the falls yesterday….and actually Logan got out early and came home while Corbin and Karl continued. Corbin LOVED the alone time with Daddy! After they returned and Emma awoke from her nap, we all went down the river for our ‘normal’ trip. We then made burgers on the grill, enjoying our meal outside on the deck. We’ve eaten almost every meal out there, and though it’s pretty hot out there is sometimes a breeze and it’s just nice to sit and eat, listening to and enjoying the view of the river. The younger kids went to bed at their regular times last night, but Karl and Logan stayed up to watch Transformers on TV. I spent that time upstairs, reading one of the books I brought with me.
Karl was planning to take us all further up the mountain so we could take a longer trip today, but he woke up not feeling well. He seems to feel a bit better now…he’s been working on some math with Hailey this morning. It is probably best that we didn’t go out into the river yet because it just started pouring rain a few minutes ago. There’s no thunder or lightening, but the rain would have made it super cold! Now we’re going to get lunch together and give Emma her nap. Maybe we’ll play some games or something while she sleeps, or read, or play video games. Except for the movie Logan watched with his dad last night the kids have watched zero TV since we left Tuesday evening. That’s a good thing….It’s hard to believe we still have a week here…it seems like we’ve been here quite a while already but it’s just our 4th day.
Corbin’s 7th birthday is on Thursday, so we’ll be making his cake sometime on Wednesday and celebrating with him Thursday. He’s very excited about his upcoming special day! 😉
I’ll be back in a day or two to post more. Maybe I’ll get some pictures up later today…

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