A great day

Yesterday turned out to be a beautiful day. The sun was out, it was hot….so we decided it was the perfect time to take that longer trip Karl had planned for the previous day. We were unable to just park where we normally would and put in (there’s a business there now and the parking is for customers only) but we were able to pay $10 to park and for life jackets for everyone (a law that we have to have them apparently) and the lady running it told us we could drive up to where they put in their groups (it was a tube rental place) and they would drive us back up to get our truck when we were done. Not a bad deal, considering they charge $8 per person for the tube, life jacket, and the drive back to your truck…we got off cheap. It took probably an hour or so to get back to where we were to get out. We were able to enjoy two ‘waterfalls’…really just larger rapids, but they were a lot of fun! It was nice to see a different part of the river, and the unexpected twists and turns made it exciting, too. Hailey says she wants “to go here every day!” but doesn’t want to pay the $10…go figure. By the time we returned to the cabin it was past lunch time and Emma’s nap, so we hurriedly got her fed and put down for some rest. The rest of us enjoyed a leisurely lunch on the deck, then spent the rest of her nap playing Scrabble Slam. We got the game for Christmas, and this was the first time we have played it. Everybody loved it, so I’m sure we’ll play some more….it only took us 6 months to find out! Once Emma woke up, we went down the river again. Logan didn’t want to go, so he babysat Emma while the rest of us went…we just took our regular trip so we were back fairly quickly. Karl grilled some chicken, I made potatoes, and we added the leftover corn on the cob and green beans to complete the meal. It was delicious! Bath time for Emma and she was back down for the night by 7:30 p.m. Evan Almighty was coming on at 8 p.m. so we all sat down to watch that together. We’ve seen it before but it was still fun to watch it again. Once that was over it was bedtime for the rest of the kids….we soon followed.

This morning is gray…it may clear up later, but for now it’s okay because we need to go back down the mountain anyway. We need eggs and oil for Corbin’s cake (his birthday is tomorrow) and it makes it easier to stay off the river when the weather is not as nice…we won’t be lamenting our ‘wasted’ time going to town (as opposed to being on the river) the whole way down the mountain. 😉 Hopefully, by the time we get back, it will have cleared up…we’ll see.

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wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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