Hump Day…a slow day

Today has been a slow day….I had my OB appointment this morning early, so the kids helped take care of Emma while I saw the doctor. She agreed to stop asking me about the c-section until we’re closer to delivery. Yay! We will have an ultrasound done at about 35 weeks to check the baby’s size..then we’ll be able to make a decision if necessary.

Emma ‘swam’ in her kiddie pool for about 30 minutes this morning…also putting her snack into the water (soggy graham crackers, yum!) along with anything else she could find. Corbin, Hailey, and Logan each spent 30 minutes on their computer…the younger two on Webkinz while Logan researched Lego products. We are having a break from book work this week while we get settled back into our chores routine and make sure all of our ‘stuff’ is back in place. We also have to prepare to receive our other things from NY around the 20th of next month, so that means getting rid of some things that are here now, rearranging things, etc. We will be getting back to Math and English next week for sure. The summer, though it just officially began on Monday, has been flying by and our new school year will be here before we know it. Then the baby, and our move south….life is so crazy! It keeps us hopping, that’s certain.
Hailey is playing on the Wii right now and Logan is upstairs reading. Corbin spent a lot of time building in his room this morning…that same set he got for his birthday. It’s taken him all week and he’s still not quite finished. Maybe Daddy can help him complete it this afternoon when he returns home from work.
Now on to my reading while Emma is still napping, then dinner preparations.

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wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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