Not much…

This morning found us sorting and hanging baby clothes. When we left for vacation I dumped all the baby clothing out of the bins they were stored in so we would have something to take all of our ‘stuff’ in that could go on the hitch-haul on the back of the truck, thus leaving us plenty of room inside the vehicle for people. 😉 I went to put them back in the bins this morning but decided to hang them instead. We’ll be needing them fairly soon anyway for the baby, plus it allows me to see with a quick scan what I have rather than needing to dig through bins to find out. I had Hailey and Corbin help me get everything on hangers while Logan played with Emma. Then, we placed the items that can’t go on hangers….shoes, jeans/pants, bloomers, etc….in grocery bags according to size. That way, when I need a certain size, I can just pull the bag out instead of digging through yet more clothing. We stored those bags along with any toys Emma has outgrown inside one of the bins. The bin was then placed in Emma’s closet, which she will be sharing with the baby.

Corbin and Logan each spent a bit of time on the computer, and Hailey watched a movie with Corbin this afternoon while Emma slept. Logan spent that time in his room reading and building with his Legos. I read and worked on a tentative schedule (again) for fall.

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wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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