Library Day

Our weekly library trip was today. We didn’t head out until close to 11 a.m because we were getting chores done. Plus, Hailey made breakfast this morning, all on her own, so that took a little while. She ended up making blueberry muffins and some cheesy eggs. It was all actually very good! She has a kids’ cookbook by Emeril Lagasse so she used that for the recipes.

While at the library Corbin picked up several books he really enjoys…Curious George, Arthur, The Berenstain Bears….but he also chose three of their leveled readers (as required by me). I am happy to say he is reading fairly well. We continue to go through his lesson book, but he is taking off and I consider him to officially be a reader. We came home, and while I prepared lunch, all three of the bigger kids were in the living room reading a book they had brought home. I love to look around me and see them all engrossed in a book. Reading is one of my joys in life and I’m so glad my children feel the same way.
This afternoon we have all pursued whatever was of interest to each of us. Corbin watched a Power Rangers movie he checked out from the library. The two older kids both lost their TV privileges for a bit, so they had to find another way to entertain themselves. Hailey spent most of the time creating things in our craft corner. Logan has been in his room reading and creating with his Legos. Emma has been napping, and I have been finishing a great book. God Has a Plan for Your Life by Charles Stanley is a wonderful read. He has such insightful things to say…I’ve loved it! I’m thinking I may go back through it a little more slowly to really savor his words and apply them to my life….looking up the many scripture references too as I go through.
I think we’ll go to the pool when Emma wakes up. We could all use the exercise.
We will prepare dinner later and then I plan to spend my evening reading or watching TV if there is anything decent on….

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