Another day down…

Hailey has been trying to memorize her multiplication tables, so has not been doing lessons since our vacation trip. She finally has them (mostly) down so today we went back to doing lessons. We will be reviewing all the division lessons before we go on to the new ones. She is having a bit of trouble remembering the steps, so we will practice….that’s one of the things I love about homeschooling, the ability to move at our own pace. Actually, Logan struggles a little with remembering the steps too, so he’ll be practicing some as well. I think Karl is going to be playing a bigger role in his math education, though. He is the ‘math expert’ in the family, and it is my weakness….since Logan is getting up there he is the better, obvious choice for teacher. I don’t mind. I’m still going over Hailey’s lessons with her, and that will enable me to learn along with her the things I don’t know….especially as she progresses into the higher levels…without the pressure to know it now for Logan. I was looking over Corbin’s math today, averaging his grade for the semester (he is just finishing the first workbook for level 1 b/c we didn’t start it until January), and he has a 98 average. He’s doing wonderfully. I think I’m going to have him just do the assessments for the next few days of math, until we get to a point where he needs to get back to doing lessons. Right now I feel like he has progressed enough that we don’t need to keep reviewing those things he already knows well. Plus, that will allow us to move on into the level 2 books sooner, probably by the beginning of our new school year in August. While looking through his level 2 books, I discovered he will be starting multiplication and division toward the end of the year. I had no idea those concepts were introduced that early! It should be a help for him to start so early though, allowing more practice before getting to even more difficult problems in the higher grades. I think, due to our switching curricula in previous years, Hailey and Logan both missed out on some of that repetition and that could have something to do with their issues now. I don’t plan on switching anymore, though. I really like how thorough Saxon is.

Today, this is what we accomplished:
  • Math
  • English
  • Handwriting
  • Thinking Skills and ETC for Corbin
  • Corbin read a few chapters of Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot to himself…I LOVE seeing him walk around with his nose in a book! 😉
  • 30 minutes of Webkinz time on the computer for Corbin
  • Crafting for Hailey while Corbin watched Dinosaur Train and Curious George
  • Bionicle building and reading in his room for Logan
  • Swim time outside for Emma
Day 1

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