Friday’s happenings and other stuff…

Yesterday Karl spent a good bit of time working on math with Hailey and Logan…mostly Logan. I had him help Hailey with one thing I wasn’t sure about but he helped Logan with all of his review. They both also did handwriting and English, and read several of their library books. I recently bought Journey to the Center of the Earth, and they both finished reading that this week.

Corbin completed math, ETC, TS, RME, and handwriting. He also read some stories out of our Frog and Toad book, as well as re-reading some of his robot book from the library. He’s very impressed that he’s able to read and understand a ‘chapter book’. So am I, actually. 😉
Emma has not been feeling well this week…I think it has something to do with her immunizations on Monday….so she’s been napping a lot and wanting to be held quite a bit. I’ll be glad when she’s feeling better, both for her sake and for the rest of us.
Today was spent cleaning, playing the Wii, going out to lunch, and building with Legos. Karl helped Corbin complete the mega-set he got for his birthday, so that was some special time for them. Emma and I went upstairs to watch for a while, and Hailey even got in on the action. Each child also spent about 30 minutes on the computer today. We finished off the evening (with the kids) by watching AFV, which they LOVE!
Now, Karl and I are planning to watch a movie and eat cheesecake (that he went out to get especially for me) from the The Cheesecake Factory…what could be better than that?

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