Saturday Science and other great stuff…

This morning, while we were eating our weekly waffle breakfast, Hailey asked her dad if he could do some science experiments with her today. She apparently had something specific in mind, but when I reminded her that we have a book of 735 science experiments on our shelf she seemed excited to get that out too. After breakfast, I went to the library to get some books we need for our unit study. We will begin a unit in the Prairie Primer on Monday and I want to be better prepared this time than I was for the two we did in the fall of last year. It actually took a lot longer to find the books that I expected, but I got mostly what I need and the Internet will be good enough for the few things I couldn’t get my hands on. When I returned, Hailey and Karl were in the kitchen working with some ‘goo’ they had created. None of us have an actual name for it, though we’re sure there is one, but this was what Hailey had in mind when she first asked her dad to help her today. We have seen it made on Numbers by Charlie and Larry….and they had students actually get up and run on it. We also saw the guys on Mythbusters create some and do the same thing. It is made with water and corn starch…and Karl and Hailey added food coloring just for fun…..They mixed it in a very small bowl so obviously there was no walking or running on ours. Instead, everyone used their fingers to ‘experiment’. If you place your finger in it slowly, it feels and behaves just like a thick liquid. However, when placing and removing your finger quickly it feels hard and your finger does not sink to the bottom…very strange and cool all at the same time. I wish I knew the name for it….alas, I do not. We are thinking of getting a large amount of corn starch (maybe from BJ‘s?) and trying to mix a batch in Emma’s kiddie pool so we can try running on it ourselves. Our neighbors may think we’re crazy but it would be fun. I’ll be sure to get pictures if we do it.

The rest of the day was spent just playing and video-gaming…more today than I would have liked but Karl did just get a new game so they’re all enjoying it together. Emma napped for almost three hours in the afternoon. Once she got up, I gave her a snack then she and I and Hailey headed out to Goodwill. I actually remembered to take our bags to donate this time. Once again I was looking for a playpen, though Hailey and I both had low expectations….there have been none the entire time we’ve been going. Well, there actually was one there today. I opened the bag up just to make sure it looked like it had all it’s parts…it did. I thought about setting it up to make sure everything worked but decided against it. It was marked $9.99 so I figured at that price, if it was broken, I could just call it a loss. Hailey found another large bag of stuffed animals for $5.99. She sat right down in the store and searched through the bag to see what was in there….she found 4 Webkinz, so decided it was worth her 6+ dollars to get those so cheaply. We checked out and were told that we got 25% off the playpen because ‘wares’ were on sale and it came up under that category. Woohoo… extra playpen for the grand old price of $6.49….quite a deal! We then headed home because I needed to get back to make dinner. On the way, Hailey was sorting through her animals to see exactly what she had. Low and behold, she found a 5th Webkinz! So we discussed what a great deal that is for her. She isn’t that concerned with being able to register them on the Webkinz web site (which you cannot do if you don’t have the original certificate number, and none of these do) so it’s a HUGE savings for her. Five Webkinz, at retail price, would cost her about $75….she got five, and all they needed was to be washed, for a grand total of $6.30. I’m proud of her for being wise enough to realize that things don’t have to be brand new…they’re just as good used. Plus, we’re re-using and recycling, which is good for our environment…something that’s right up her alley, as well.
All in all a great day. Karl and I ended it with a dinner out and we’re planning to watch All About Steve once the kids are all tucked in. Nighty-night!

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