Library day/day off

Fridays are going to be our day ‘off’ each week, though we will be continuing with math on Friday until we are satisfied the kids have ‘caught up’. This morning Corbin completed a math lesson, and Hailey and Logan each had a math test…both passed. Once they had all completed their work we headed out to the library. We had some movies due back. I’m thinking our day off each week should be used for errands, etc. so we’re not leaving the house every day for that. Monday-Thursday I’m hoping can be (mostly) reserved for strictly school work. We got books and movies and checked out, then stopped at Party City before going home to get some balloons so Hailey can practice making her balloon animals. We were helped by the store manager and he showed us a kit for $8 that included 40 balloons, a pump, and a pamphlet with some animal diagrams. We decided to get it….so she was able to come home and make about 4 different animals right away. That’s a far cry from how things went in her class on Tuesday! For some reason she struggled to understand how to make the dog….and when I went to check on her near the end of class I discovered she was in there crying, having made no progress. I felt really bad for her and tried to be encouraging….I had to leave the room to check on Corbin and when I came back she had gotten half of it done. The lady leading the class was very nice, but it was a FREE class at the library, 1 instructor, and LOTS of kids….so not a good recipe for any one-on-one help. I’m just glad Hailey had some success and by the time we got home she was able to finish the dog….and has been pressing me to get these balloons ever since. So, she didn’t lose interest just because it was a struggle at first…..a great thing!

Now, we are waiting for Daddy to get home…he had a meeting that apparently went really long. Tonight will be Family Fun Night….no movie but board games….maybe Monopoly. Cheeseburger Pizza will be served with more Klondike Oreo bars and Lil Drummers for dessert. Then some quality time for us adults.

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wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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One Response to Library day/day off

  1. mimi says:

    Cheeseburger pizza sounds great. Do you add ketchup and mustard to it?? I've been thinking of doing the m-f school week too. Friday could be "fun Friday" :)Blowing balloons up is hard enough…making them into animals is even harder. That kit sounds neat.

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