‘Rithmetic and ‘ritin’ assignments….

Today we had to get some groceries, as we were out of quite a few things and I also needed to pick up the other needed items for our week’s menu. Before leaving, I went over Hailey’s English lesson and had Logan begin his math. I also discussed with them their other assignments: handwriting, research and do an oral report on badgers (Logan) and meerkats (Hailey), and drawing the life cycle of a butterfly. They are also in charge of filling out their daily logs. Corbin, Emma, and I went out to Publix and then BJ’s. By the time we were finished and got home it was time for lunch. Emma ate little since she was really very tired, so I put her down for her nap pretty shortly. Once the rest of us had eaten, Karl went back upstairs to work and the others of us prepared to do some reading. Corbin is not interested in hearing White Fang, so I got him started on math, ETC, and FTA….he worked on that while I read to Logan and Hailey. We read 2.5 chapters and have 3 more to got before finishing….we’ll do that either tonight or tomorrow afternoon. I then read chapter 6 of On the Banks of Plum Creek…..Corbin did join us for that…we also discussed characteristics of people from Sweden (how they may look) and found Sweden, Germany, and Norway on our world map. We also discussed how those countries are different from/the same as Minnesota in relation to their longitudes. Now, Corbin is finishing up his math while Logan and Hailey read and I blog. I am planning to research curricula some more once this is finished….I’m beginning to look into what is available for high school even though it’s still two years away. Time flies so quickly and I want to be prepared.


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