Movers arrived today…

This morning I had my OB appointment and glucose test, so I had to leave the house fairly early. This left Karl to work, meet the movers, and take care of the kids all at once. The truck was late so he didn’t have to direct boxes or furniture anywhere until after I got back and Hailey helped with Emma when it came time for him to take a call. The kids were able to get math, English, and handwriting completed today but since we had the guys here with our NY things mid-day, we did no other school work. Emma, amazingly enough, still went down for her nap at 12:30 and slept…even with them up and down the stairs. It’s good to know we don’t have to be absolutely silent up there for her to be able to sleep. I will not have the results of my test until Monday, but I really feel my numbers are going to be good. That’s just based on how I know I was feeling when I was pregnant with Emma (not feeling that now) and how I felt today after drinking that nasty, sugary drink….it actually cured my hunger (I was fasting) and though I wouldn’t say it was good, it didn’t make me want to vomit. It was a busy mid-day for all of us, and once the movers left I took a break…it’s hard work watching people carry boxes and shift furniture around! šŸ˜‰ I did get up and unpack a few boxes eventually…..especially in the kitchen since we couldn’t even get to the sink. I also went through some of the boxes in the garage….that was our drop-off spot for most of the boxes…..and found some of Corbin’s school curriculum for the new year. I also trashed or put things in a box to donate as I looked. We had WAY more in the house than we thought….and are hoping to purge much of it. I’m planning to list some on Ebay or with our home school group here and try to sell what we don’t plan to use. We just don’t have room for all those books….as much as I love my books. We will be re-arranging our school/play area to accommodate the craft table and craft bins. I’m also hoping to find a home for my sewing machine….maybe on one of the shelves near our kitchen table, then it will be easy to move when I want to use it and move it right back when I’m finished. I won’t be able to park in the garage for a while…..and the truck is gonna be so hot each time we get in it….but it’s better than having boxes all over the house. We aren’t planning on unpacking much of it since we’re moving in a few short months anyway….have to store it all somewhere. Hailey spent the day collecting tape for her tape ball….she has one in progress from our last move and is just adding to it, trying to get it as big as she can. Once I had a few boxes emptied, she and Corbin took them to play in….Emma joined in too….and they also took some of the paper to rustle around in. A joyful afternoon for them, and I was able to get at least a little bit of unpacking done because Emma was occupied as well. Now were’ relaxing a bit….kids and Karl are watching Wipeout….time for bed soon, though.


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