A busy Tuesday…

I think I have finally settled on what we’re doing for school, at least this year. If we like it we may continue with it long term. I received some sage advice from a very wise friend about schooling in “baby years”. She said she tries to make things as simple as possible because if they have to depend on her to do everything then it won’t get done. She encouraged me to give textbooks another look (and I have) and not to always feel like we have to be doing the ‘hands on’ stuff. I so appreciate her words, and they really helped me come to terms with some things…..I have been feeling overwhelmed with the thought of getting it all done when I’ll have a newborn and a toddler, plus three school-age kids to teach. We have been using unit studies pretty much since the beginning, and I love to learn that way (and believe me, I’ve been learning right along with them!), but the reality is we just won’t have the hours of time to dedicate to that this year….maybe in the future. So, I will be taking a more straightforward approach. I h have been somewhat familiar with The Robinson Curriculum, Accelerated Achievement, and Old Fashioned Education since we first began homeschooling. I’ve researched them all and finally even bought A2 last spring…but didn’t use it yet. We will be pulling books from that resource this year, having the older two kids follow a simple schedule of reading, writing, and math….various requirements according to grade level and ability. I am in the process of creating a schedule for each of them that they will be able to refer to each day and know what they have to do. I will still be involved in Hailey’s math and English instruction, as well as spelling instruction for both of them, but the rest I intend to give to them to be responsible for…and ‘test’ them by having them write an essay each week on what they read. We will still have some read aloud time as a family, and I’m actually excited that we’ll be able to choose whatever we want instead of having to follow the curriculum for those books….they’ll already be reading a lot of educational material on their own, so we can focus on those other great books we haven’t gotten to yet. There are so many I never read as a child, or even in high school!

Corbin will be using Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory for his 2nd grade year, and maybe 3rd too…depends on how far we get in the book. Math and phonics will be done at a normal rate.
I really think this plan will be way more do-able and will help the kids to continue progressing even when we have upheaval in the family….like a new baby and moving. šŸ˜‰ With unit studies I have to take ‘off’ during those times which means our history, science, literature, etc. stops during those times. This way, they’ll be learning in all subject areas, even when I’m ‘out of commission. We will get started with our new ‘method’ mid-August.
Here is what was accomplished today:
  • math lessons/tests by all
  • english and handwriting by Logan and Hailey
  • Handwriting, ETC, RME, Adventures of Peter Cottontail, Mountain Born, spelling, copy work, and matching numbers/number words by Corbin
  • alphabetize spelling words, Hailey
  • chores
  • fed ducklings
  • the older two kids took turns entertaining Emma
In the afternoon Karl, Hailey, Emma, and I went down to Miami to look at more houses. Logan stayed home with his brother. We saw two that we really like….thinking about whether we want to make an offer on anything yet.

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2 Responses to A busy Tuesday…

  1. mimi says:

    Sounds like a great plan!! keep me posted on how you like A2-it looks really interesting. I'm excited for your house finds!!

  2. Wendy says:

    Thanks Mimi.We found two houses that we like….thinking about whether to make an offer or not. One is older but has a pool, is on natural canal with a dock and a boat ramp, and a sizable yard compared to any we've seen elsewhere. There are only a few cosmetic things 'wrong' with it. The other is a little cheaper but no pool, is closer to work for K, has 6 bedrooms instead of 4, a small but decent yard that's fenced in, but does have a HOA. Contemplating….

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