All in a morning’s work….

I’m feeling really accomplished today. 😉

  • Corbin completed another handwriting and math lesson, a spelling test (his first and he only missed one), and the history reading, science, poetry, bible, copy work and story time from Beyond…he also illustrated his copy work while I read to him.
  • Corbin also finished another reading lesson and we read 2 chapters of The Adventures of Peter Cottontail.
  • I removed last month’s work from all the kids’ folders and placed samples in their portfolios. My plan is to remove what I want to use each month, place it in the folder, and then toss the rest. By the end of the year the portfolio will be compiled and there will be no extra work at that time for mom/teacher….good news for me!
  • Reorganized the kids’ work folders so that all of their work goes into one binder, with dividers separating the subjects. Their daily log, books read, and curriculum list is included. I think it will be easier for all of us to have it organized in this way.
  • Logan and Hailey both completed math (a review for Logan and a lesson for Hailey), typing, and English
  • Hailey had a spelling test on words she’s been missing in her lessons and writing assignments….she missed two out of 15, so not bad. The two she missed are going back on her list for more practice. I’m using to input the words then print out various worksheets for her to use during the week. So far so good…..I think it’s helping. We may eventually go back to Sequential Spelling or dictation, but for now this is the method we’re using.
We were able to complete all of this, amazingly, before lunch. Now the afternoon is ours….yay! Relaxation for me, writing for Logan (his choice), and a movie for Corbin and Hailey. Karl is working upstairs and Emma is napping. I’m planning to do some reading.

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